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Why Work With TMK?

TMK is a manufacturer of custom transformers, adapters, coils, switches and inverters based in Dongguan, China.
The products are widely used in the communications, electricity, electronics, medical, scientific, LED lighting, and other industries.

We value loyalty and hard work above all else.

Here are 8 reasons to work with us:


Multi-language support

There are no communication errors, as our staff are fluent in English and other global languages.

Quality Guarantee

We stand by the quality of our products and any faulty goods will be supported by return or refund, as outlined in our After Sales Service policy.

High Technology

Our technicians and production line workers attend regular training, ensuring the highest standards of production for all our products.

Customer Focused

Rather than guessing what the customer needs, we work directly to your needs and requirements, to make sure you get exactly the product you need.

Tech Support

We supply all technical support documents in PDF format, available for download.

Industry Experience

We have 18 years experience in this industry and are considered leaders amongst our peers. We have strong connections for all areas of business.

Fast Response

We are quick to respond in all cases. From quoting to sampling, and from sampling to shipping, you can be sure we will be beside you at all times.

We Give Back

We are generous in our charity donations and firmly believe that the more success we see, the more we are obliged to give back to society.

Read More About Our Company

A company grown on the basis of generosity, hard work and dedication to quality

From humble beginnings, the company was built by Sam Xu, a dedicated business administrator that started with a dream back when he was just 27. The company was founded in 2002 and after much hard work and many late nights, the company grew quickly, based on a strong reputation of quality.

In September 2008 the company formed a strategic alliance with the South China Institute of Electrical Research, opening a second factory in Guang Xi Province in December of that year.

The company currently employs over 200 people and is fast becoming an internationally renowned company.


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Giving Back

TMK donates to schools in Guang Xi Province

Our company firmly believes in putting back into the world all the good you take from it. So as we are more successful, the more we will donate to the people who need it most. With the opening of our second factory in Guang Xi, we funded two primary schools in an area where the children need it most.

We have a hope for a better global future, and believe that together we can make tomorrow better!


TMK is a Global Company

TMK currently deals with clients in Turkey, Iran, Brazil, South Africa, The Netherlands, Germany, France, India, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and other countries.

We offer full support in English, Chinese and Other Languages.

We have fully automated production lines, including automatic routing, automatic soldering, automatic loading core, automatic detection, semi-automatic packaging and other high-tech equipment.

Global Company

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