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October 15, 2016

Modified sine wave inverter feature

Such inverter outputs AC wave in the form of a staircase, the inverter achieves the modified wave output there are many different lines, the number of steps of the output waveform is very different. The advantage of the modified sine wave inverter is that the output waveform is significantly improved compared with the square wave, the higher harmonic content is reduced, when the number of steps reaches more than 17 the output waveform can achieve a quasi-sine wave. When using transformer less output, the efficiency is high. The disadvantage is that the staircase wave superimposed lines use more power switches, some of those also require the multiple voltage levels of DC power input. This poses a problem for grouping of solar cells and the equalization of the wiring and the charging of the batteries. In addition, the staircase-like voltage on the radio and some communications equipment still has some high-frequency interference.

Use: At present, most commercially available high-frequency inverters can provide this kind of waveform. The modified sine wave inverter can be used in notebook computers, televisions, stereos, camcorders, digital cameras, car refrigerators, printers, various chargers, handheld computers, game consoles, DVD players, mobile DVD.

Features: Continuous 300W power output, input and output are fully isolated, independent auxiliary power, high efficiency, maximum of 93%, constant (limited) power output, short circuit protection.

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